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How to set your Dot Matrix Printer

Setting up an OKI Data Microline 320 / 321 Turbo for Dealer Solutions Software

Your OKI 320/1 should be plugged in to a USB or LPT port on the back of the computer.  Don’t worry about Windows drivers, you don’t need to install any.  Windows should automatically detect and install any drivers by itself, plus Dealer Solutions talks directly to the printer without need for a driver.

Physically, there are 2 items that need to be set on the printer.  First, the left part of the adjustable feeding tray should be pushed as far right as it can go, and the right side should be set as close to the paper as possible without touching it.  Secondly, the lever on the right side of the printer that specifies rear feed, top feed, bottom feed, should be set in the middle position for Top Feed.

OKI Data Printer setup for DMS

Now we need to set up a few settings on the printer itself. We’ll be using the buttons on the front of the printer to change the settings. To do this, follow these steps:

OKI Data Printer setup for DMS
  1. Put a blank sheet of paper in to the printer and allow it to load
  2. Hold down the “SHIFT” Button (2nd from the left) and press the “SEL / MENU” button (1st on the left).  This should light up MENU on the panel.
  3. Press the “TEAR / SET” button (5th from the left).  This will print a line on the sheet of paper which will indicate your current emulation mode.  It will probably read:

    Printer Control     Emulation Mode     IBM PPR
  4. Continue pressing the “TEAR / SET” button until it reads:

    Printer Control     Emulation Mode     EPSON FX
  5. Now, looking at the dark grey text below the buttons, click the “GROUP (LF)” button until the left-most column reads “Top Feed”.
  6. Now (still looking at the dark grey text below the buttons), click the “Item (FF/LOAD)” button until the middle column reads “Bottom Margin”. If the right-most column reads “Valid”, then hit the “TEAR / SET” button so that the printed line reads:

    Top Feed     Bottom Margin     INVALID
  7. Press and hold “SHIFT” and press the “SEL / MENU” button to exit menu mode
  8. Press “FF/LOAD” to eject the paper

Now, inside Dealer Solutions, from the Home Screen, click “Tools” on the menu across the top, then “Settings…”, the last item. In the settings window, click “Printers / Program Behavior” on the left. Now, next to “Dot Matrix Printer Device”, drop down the list of printers and select your OkiData printer. Click OK to save your changes.

You are now set up to print Multiple Part forms!

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